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    In this generation of tech-savvy people, the majority rely on mobile phones and the Internet for gathering information. This medium is specifically used to sell and purchase products and to locate the nearest market place or service provider at any time. Hello Karachi is a Telephone Search Engine Company, which assists people in finding information.

    We specifically concentrate on the general public to provide verified details of Products and Services they are looking for, all they have to do is to call (021) 111 800 800 for Anything, Anytime, Anywhere. Our telephone search engine allows anyone to call us at any time and from anywhere for real-time information of any product and service available in Karachi.
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  • The motto behind starting this service was to provide fast, reliable and comprehensive information to Hello Karachi's users and to link buyers with sellers.

    Multilingual staff. Experienced management team. Advance and easy-to-use technology. Receive a response by sms or e-mail. Contact major distributers in Karachi by just calling them.

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  • 06 Aug 2015

    Having a natural harbor, Karachi has always been an important city for trade. Its rich history not only dates back to pre-partition era and the British rule but it was as important in the Greek civilization as it is today..

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  • 27 Jul 2015

    Pakistan, home to a population of almost 200 million people, rich in culture and exotic places for tourism has faded under the dark clouds of terrorism and other mind-numbing concerns. However, let's for once not highlight our slip-ups and focus..

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  • 29 Jul 2015

    We all grew up eating yummy unhealthy treats YES! No matter what their names were we absolutely loved them! There are still some, which we can still be found from those good old days, and some that don't exist anymore which we miss terribly..

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  • 27 Jul 2015

    Aftab Chengezi the sculpture artist's tremendous talent is on display at the museum. Located in Shakarparian next to the Islamabad Monument is the Islamabad Wax Museum. The wax sculptures there take us on a historical journey back in time, starting in 1300's..

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Connecting The People Of Karachi with The Business Bodies... A rare practice as well for Karachiates But Yet Again Welcomed In A Very Good Manner.

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